t Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Soundtrack (Kid Rhino Records)


Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Soundtrack (Kid Rhino Records)

21G02QHGGZLThe addition of Kenny Wayne Shepherd for the end title theme is certainly noteworthy to his fans, as is Static-X’s appearance for “Crash” to theirs. However, the real story here is Kristopher Carter, who scored this collection and certainly merged classic movie-making scoring with smatterings of hard rock and electronic jolts. Throughout the collection are quotes from satisfied customers (the producers of the film). But it’s a wonder why their endorsements are strewn throughout the packaging, considering that Carter’s competency is obvious to anyone listening. “Industrial Heist,” the second track, points up Carter’s ability to track pulsing beats alongside the classical intimations of the orchestra. “Meet the Joker” is perfect suspense, while “Joker Crashes Bruce’s Party” uses standard rock arrangements to make its point. The one drawback might be that at only 38 minutes, the whole episode seems too brief. A set of Wagnerian proportions might have been more appropriate. –Rob O’Connor