Ubeda Pt. 4

Ahh… the fruits of Spain! Maybe it’s just the environment, but it seems like all of the fruits we’ve been eating here are just amazingly delicious. Pears, plums, and nectarines to name just a few. All sweet and juicy. Elsewhere on the menu, it’s been lots of bread and cheeses with a full variety of pork in almost every imaginable form. The Spanish folks do LOVE their pork and much of it is actually pretty good. Still, we’ve found ourselves hoping for a bigger variety of foods at times. Earlier in the afternoon today, DMP presented their second panel session. This one was considered a “fan” panel and it featured a number of  fan favorite clips from the many shows that DMP has been involved in. They also enjoyed meeting some fans in person that they had previously communicated with only through email and social media sites like Facebook. It was indeed just like meeting some long lost friends.

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