We’re Here!

Michael, Lolita, and Kris on their first night in Ubeda, Spain

Hello to All the Fans and Friends of Dynamic Music Partners and Greetings from Ubeda, Spain!   This is Mark, your friendly DMP designated blogger (and also DMP Engineer and Husband of Lolita) reporting in as events unfold here in this charming and friendly spanish city. Michael, Kristopher, and Lolita all arrived here on Monday afternoon from various places….by train (Kristopher) by plane and car (Michael and Lolita) and they were greeted warmly by Sergio and his fellow festival organizers. Also traveling with them are Lily (friend of Kris), Larry Rench (busy hollywood orchestrator and good friend who helped orchestrate music for this event) and me. (previously identified)  The hotel El Positgo is lovely…very clean and spare but also efficient and comfortable with a helpful staff. We’ve just begun to explore this city… but we already like what we see. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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