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Emmy Award-winning composers Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis and Kristopher Carter constantly push the boundaries of collaborative innovation, resulting in hundreds of hours of music for a variety of different genres including series, films, video games and live performance events. They have collectively earned twenty-eight Emmy Award nominations and six Annie Award nominations as composers for projects such as Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, Justice League, Teen Titans and Batman Beyond. Their Prime-time Emmy Award nominated musical Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Mayhem of the Music Meister starring Neil Patrick Harris was the historic first Batman musical to ever be composed. Original concert works and suites of their scores have been performed in festivals and special events; from New York’s Lincoln Center to The Hollywood Bowl, their music has received critical acclaim.

They began their careers composing music for the iconic Batman: The Animated Series for LA scoring legend Shirley Walker. Conducting live orchestras recording their own music constituted the breadth of their early experience, cementing their connection to live musicians and the instantly-recognizable sound of the finest scoring stages. Simultaneously, as orchestrators they worked with many of Hollywood’s A-list composers, including Michael Kamen, Basil Poledouris, Howard Shore, Carter Burwell and Elliot Goldenthal on the biggest tentpole studio films of the time. As their careers progressed they each built their own recording studios, pursuing the latest technology and sound design in combination with their solid foundation of live orchestral scoring.

This remarkable and very contemporary trio of composers and performers is an example of creative collaboration, business savvy, and artistic expression of the highest, most original level. They continue to work in today’s industry and are examples and role models for aspiring film composers everywhere.

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